Happy Campers at LibraryCamp South East

Saturday 21st June 2014 was the longest day of the year and many library folk in the South East chose to spend it at Library Camp!

Over forty people attended and brought with them a wealth of ideas and experiences to share, and some great food too!

LibraryCamp SE ran twelve half-hour sessions, from the more technical (e-resources; library systems) to the practical (careers and qualifications; job shadowing), the philosophical (inclusivity) to the nostalgic (revaluing the library card). For a full list of the sessions, photos from the event, and further resources, keep an eye on the wiki over the next few weeks.

There was lots of discussion and enough enthusiasm and ideas to have filled a whole week of library camps, but by the afternoon break, the Templeman Library’s generous donation of tea, coffee and biscuits was much needed! And while most were ready to drop by the time Library Camp was over, the conversation is continuing…

There were a number of issues raised on the day that will be taken forward, including a workshadowing database; and an inclusivity event. Keep updated by checking out the wiki: http://tinyurl.com/pn4mtrq or follow on twitter @libcampse.

Looking back on the day, it is amazing what was achieved with a £30 budget and a team of two. Of course, LibraryCamp SE wouldn’t have achieved anything without the passion and enthusiasm of the Library Campers, and it’s a real testament to the commitment and ethos of library and information professionals. We are often an undervalued resource and we’d urge anyone to have a go at organising a Library Camp to make the most of the community of professionals in your local (and not so local) area.
If you’d like to know more about organising a Library Camp event, please don’t hesitate to contact Philippa (philippa_rose@hotmail.com) or Sue and Richard at Library Camp UK (librarycamp@yahoo.com) for a chat.


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