By being inclusive of each other’s perspective we can see the bigger picture – Online Magazine Issue 2

For CILIPinKent’s second issue of our new online magazine, we have compiled a collection of articles and helpful resources to coincide with Disability History Month ( The short collection aims to provide information about disabilities and specific learning difficulties and explores how libraries can be more inclusive.

View the issue at

Further Reading

Online Resources

Books & DVD

  • Corrigan, Claire (2001) Dyslexia: a guide for staff. London: Centre for Learning and Teaching in Art and Design
  • Nearn, Janina (2011) Decoding Dyslexia. TVF International. DVD
  • Oslund, Christy (2013) Supporting University Students with Invisible Disabilities: a guide for faculty and staff working with students with Autism. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Open Rose: Disability Awareness for Libraries. DVD, 2005

If you would like to recommend a topic for future issues of the CILIPinKent magazine contact us at

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