National Libraries Day 07.02.2015


A national celebration of libraries will take place on Saturday 7 February with events organised throughout the UK. Book swaps, talks and a thunderclap aim to promote information services and the support they provide to local communities.

CILIP 2014 President, Barbara Band has said “the impact that libraries and librarians have on our wellbeing as communities and as a society is so fundamental and far-reaching; and it is vital that we recognise this. We need this expertise more than ever before in all the traditional ways, but also as we negotiate new challenges around information management and security, digital inclusiveness and much more.”

Find free resources, useful links and a map of events at 

CILIPinKent have also put together a Prezi honouring libraries lost through the ages (click the image below). In the event of disaster, which book would you save?

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 23.29.36

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