Celebrating 50 years of the Canterbury Circle Reciprocal Borrowing Scheme

The inaugural meeting of the Canterbury Circle took place on 8th September 1965 at St Augustine’s Missionary College (i.e. now the King’s School premises).

Since this time the group, comprising of representatives from academic, public, health and other libraries in the area, have met at least twice a year in order to share knowledge and resources, draw up agreements that help the public make use of all the Canterbury Circle’s facilities and support staff in developing their role.

The group would like to invite you all to a celebration of this significant anniversary and achievement at the Gateway Chamber in the King’s School on Tuesday September 8th 3.30- 5.00pm. If you are in contact with any retired staff who used to be involved in the Circle, please pass on the invitation or contact Darren Kearl (Daren.Kearl@kent.gov.uk) with details.

RSVP Darren before 1st September.

A map of the Kings School site can be found at http://www.junior-kings.co.uk/Information/School-map

Kings School have very kindly offered to provide refreshments and platters of cakes for 25 but if you are able to bring some cake or snacks please let Darren know.


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