Creative Libraries – Online Magazine Issue 15

For the fifteenth installment of our online magazine we are celebrating inspirational Library displays!

Some users prefer to come across texts fortuitously through browsing the shelves and display areas. For others that have a strong preference for a particular genre, subject-area or author, displays hold the potential to ignite a new interest.

See a range of tips and examples here:

Displays at University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury

To improve engagement and cater for our visual-kinaesthetic learners, we include an activity on many of our displays  Here are a few examples:

Extraordinary Hats

Display promoting our millinery collection to coincide with FE project on the topic. Students were invited to pin ribbon, fabric and embellishments to polystyrene head.


Art Therapy 

Careers display, included paper, crayons, pencils and playdough. Students and staff drew their dreams/ nightmares and sculpted a monster.


Expression of the Emotions

Paper, pencils and mirror for self-portraits alongside texts including Fairburns fascinating portfolios and Messerschmits captivating busts.


Book Burning 

Students noted which book they would save from destruction in the event of a mass burning on postage tags. collected at end of the display, list created alongside holdings and promoted on social media channels.


If you would like to find out more about our displays, contact

– Rebecca Daniels

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