Professional Registration Event

On Thursday 14 March, Candidate Support Officer (South East) Nicola Beer provided a helpful introduction to the Certification and Chartership process.

There have been a number of improvements implemented recently and these include:

  • Members now decide which level is best for them. Nicola explained the key difference between certification and chartership is that a greater amount of reflective practice is required for the latter.
  • There are no time restraints
  • Clearer assessment tools and PKSB introduced
  • Portfolio submitted electronically

To achieve certification or chartership the following documents are required:

  •  An Evaluative statement (1,000 word)
  • Evidence to support statement
  • Supportive documents include an annotated CV, Job Description, PKSB assessment and mentee/ mentor form.

Portfolio submissions must cover three areas- Personal Performance, Organisational Context and Wider Professional Context.Guidance on writing about your organisation can be found here- Analysing and understanding the organisation

This PowerPoint provides guidance on how to meet the assessment criteria: Professional Registration Workshop presentation

All members undertaking a qualification require a mentor and the current list can be found on the VLE. Nicola advised crafting a personalised request to individuals rather than sending a blanket email. Checking LinkedIn and Twitter profiles can help with the selection of a Mentor. Anyone who struggles to find a mentor can contact CILIP member support.

CILIPinKent’s Treasurer Kirsty Wallis, is in the final throes of her Chartership and offered some further advice:

  1. Keep momentum going even if this means completing just 10 minutes of work a week.
  2. Save as much self-development evidence as possible for potential future use. Kirsty saved emails, outputs, literature & training to a portable USB. Collecting evidence also sets you in good stead for the future when applying for jobs for example.
  3. Choose a mentor you connect with, it’s important to have a good working relationship.

Reflective Writing 

The group took part in a reflective writing task using the worksheets below. These worksheets may be helpful when undertaking the qualification.

Worksheet reflective writing

Reflective writing checklist



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