Merged Services – Online Magazine Issue 18

In this issue, one of the ongoing strategies that affects all Libraries today is that of merged services. In this time of high pressure to find savings and improve efficiency, increasingly Libraries are moving to develop merged services. This magazine considers the issues as well as looking at the benefits of developing merged services.

Articles linked below:

    1. 29 examples of Public Libraries working Together.
    2. New UK-Wide Service will transform Library Collaboration: The National Bibliographic Knowledge Base by N Grindley.
    3. SCONUL Shared Services: A Toolkit for Library Collaboration.
    4. Library at the ‘Centre of Everything’: Placing the Library at the Strategic Heart of the Community by Hugh Murphy. 

    5. Understand Key Issues for Mergers in Further and Higher Education 
    6. Making Collaboration Work by Richard Parsons and Tracey Stanley.
    7. Space to Read by Loesja Vigour and Nicola Cook in CILIPUpdate February 2017, pp.21 – 23. (Sign in with CILIP details)



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