Social Impact of Libraries – Online Magazine Issue 19

The social impact of libraries continues to underpin the very thread of our communities. In an ever demanding world, the library has had to adapt to the demands and challenges placed upon it.  This online magazine looks at some of the initiatives being taken to ensure that the very heart of what libraries do continues to make a significant impact within our communities.

A change to our usual Flipboard format, we have displayed selected resources below. If you are interested in selecting content for our online magazine get in touch.

  • A review of UK libraries in 2017 A guide for delivering sustainable, community-centric services

  • “Libraries are dying – but it’s not about the books”,

  • Cologne library opens its doors to refugees: ‘You fill this room with life’ / Tuesday 21 February 2017

  • World Book Day: Without libraries we are less human and more profoundly alone

  • Carnegie UK Trust – ‘Shining a Light’ is the Trust’s unique set of publications showing how people in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales use public libraries and what they think of them. It is the only research on public libraries that enables comparisons to be drawn between the jurisdictions of the UK and Ireland.

  • The Network: Tackling social exclusion in libraries, museum and galleries

  • Speaking Volumes: the impact of public libraries on wellbeing

  • InfoScience Today – The role of libraries in education


Image: Speaking Volumes: the impact of public libraries on wellbeing (2014) Carnegie UK Trust. Available at: 



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